Motorsports Services

We offer services needed in the industry. The dynamic motorsports industry requires facility owners, team managers, drivers and related parties to constantly adapt to changes in the marketplace. Frost Motorsports, LLC prides itself on being able to help our clients throughout the entire process of developing and operating a motorsports property. In addition, our services include those necessary for ownership and securing financing for these business ventures.

Feasibility Assistance

Ideas for motorsports facilities are continually being put forward. Our skilled and experienced consultants offer proven capabilities in:

  • Market Studies to determine where project potential lies.
  • Economic Impact Studies to determine how a project impacts the surrounding areas.
  • Financial Projections to estimate the funding requirements.

Transactional Assistance

Our experience with the acquisition and operation of facilities, finance techniques, and the overall developmental process enables our clients to move forward with confidence. Our skilled and experienced consultants offer proven capabilities in:

  • Financing Assistance evaluation of funding approaches and assisting in the coordination of the financing process.
  • Facility Acquisition Assistance financial, tax and valuation assistance for motorsports properties.
  • Lease Negotiation working with track operators and owners in the negotiation process.

Operational Assistance

Unique in our firm are the trained and experienced professionals in the motorsports industry. These professionals help clients determine the optimal direction for their project including:

  • Revenue Enhancement Studies to determine optimal methods of facility and event management.
  • Organizational Structure Review to determine staffing levels and management approach.
  • Financial Analysis to ensure¬†accurate¬†information.

Strategic Planning

Projects in the motorsports industry are long-term in nature and managers must constantly be planning for the horizon. Our skilled and experienced consultants offer proven capabilities in:

  • Business Plan Development to plan the overall direction of the project.
  • Market Plan Development to plan the marketing direction of the project.
  • Operating Plan Development to plan the operating direction of the project.